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A Historic Event Unfolds: 35 Individuals Embrace Jain Diksha in Ahmedabad



A Historic Event Unfolds: 35 Individuals Embrace Jain Diksha in Ahmedabad

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Ahmedabad witnessed an unprecedented event as 35 individuals embarked on the path of Jain diksha, marking a monumental occasion in the city’s history.

Divine Guidance: Acharya Shree Vijay Yogtilaksuriji’s Legacy

In commemoration of the 2,550th anniversary since the nirvana of Lord Mahaveer Swami, the final Tirthankara of Jain Dharma, 35 Mumukshus are set to renounce the cycle of samsara and embark on the spiritual journey laid out by Prabhu Mahaveer on April 22, 2024.

Ahmedabad Prepares for the Diksha

Ahmedabad hailed as the epitome of Jain governance, is poised to witness an extraordinary phenomenon on the 14th day of Chaitra month, 2080 of Vikram Samvat. Within the divine AdhyatmaNagari, erected on the Sabarmati Riverfront, individuals ranging from 11-year-old children to 56-year-old adults will receive diksha from the revered Diksha Mahanayaka, Acharya Dev Vijay Yogatilaksurishvarji Maharaja.

A Celebration of Spirituality

In honor of the Mahabhinishkraman, a grand festival spanning five days is set to commence on April 18. Drawing over a hundred thousand Jain devotees from around the globe, the festivities include a ceremonial welcome procession for revered gurus, an aristocratic varsidaan procession, and various cultural and spiritual events.

Profiles of Renouncing Mumukshus:

  1. SanjaybhaiManikchandSadariya: A prominent textile trader from Surat, along with his wife, Binaben, are embracing diksha, following in the footsteps of their children who were renounced in 2021.
  2. Jashvantbhai Shantilal Shah: A textile trader, and his wife, Dipikaben, join the path of Diksha, following their twin sons who embraced renunciation earlier.
  3. Mukeshbhai: Younger brother of Jashvantbhai, along with his wife, Monikaben, and children, Heet and Krisha, commit to a life of renunciation.
  4. JagdishbhaiMahasukhlal Shah: From Surat, along with his wife, Shilpaben, prepares for diksha, following their son’s footsteps in 2021.
  5. BhaveshbhaiGirishbhai Bhandari: An Ahmadabad-based real estate businessman, along with his wife, Jinalben, follow their children’s path of renunciation.

Unique Journeys of Mumukshus:

From HeenalkumariSanjaybhai Jain’s transition from digital marketing to spiritual marketing to Het Mayurbhai Shah’s profound knowledge of Jain sutras at the tender age of 13, each Mumukshu’s journey is distinctive and inspiring.

Acharya Shree Vijay Yogtilaksuriji Maharaja Saheb

The revered Acharya, known for his transformative sermons, has initiated over 300 virtuous souls into the path of renunciation in the last decade, making an indelible mark on Jain Shasan.

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The Grandiose AdhytmaNagari

The sprawling AdhyatmaNagari, reminiscent of Rajasthan’s royal palaces, stands as a testament to the grandeur of the occasion. Spanning three hundred thousand square feet, it hosts an array of events and rituals amidst its majestic halls and divine temple.

Feast for Devotees

Over the five-day festival, devotees numbering in thousands are treated to sumptuous meals three times a day, showcasing the essence of Sadharmik Bhakti and hospitality.

Regal Processions and Rituals

The varsidaan procession, spanning 1km, epitomizes grandeur as elephants, horses, vintage cars, and musical troupes join in the celebration. Rituals like Loch and Rajoharan mark the culmination of the diksha ceremony, symbolizing the Mumukshus’ transition into a life of renunciation.

 Engaging the Community

From book releases and cultural performances to henna ceremonies and auctions, the five-day festival offers a plethora of events catering to all age groups and interests, fostering a sense of community and celebration.

The Legacy of Acharya Shree Vijay Yogtilaksuriji Maharaja Saheb

Under the guidance of Acharya Shree, the Jain community continues to thrive spiritually, with hundreds of sadhus and sadhvis dedicated to the path of Bhagwan Mahaveer.

A Momentous Occasion

As Ahmedabad braces itself for the historic diksha event, it not only celebrates the spiritual journeys of 35 individuals but also reaffirms its position as a bastion of Jain tradition and culture.

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