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 A Landmark Collaboration for Arbitration Advancement

A Landmark Collaboration for Arbitration Advancement

A Landmark Collaboration for Arbitration Advancement

 A Landmark Collaboration for Arbitration Advancement

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Today marks a significant step forward in the world of education and expertise as Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU) and the India International Arbitration Centre (IIAC) officially announce a strategic partnership. Both institutions recognized nationally, are teaming up to boost excellence and innovation in the field of arbitration.

 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Paves the Way

Formalization at RRU Campus: The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) solidifies the commitment of RRU and IIAC to collaborate on various activities aimed at improving skills and knowledge in arbitration. This includes academic programs, upskilling opportunities, and specialized training to navigate the dynamic world of arbitration.

Key Signatories: The MoU signing ceremony took place at RRU’s Gandhinagar campus, with Justice Hemant Gupta, former Supreme Court Justice, and Prof Bimal N Patel, Vice Chancellor of RRU, as the signatories. The MoUs were shared by Vinay Kumar Sanduja, Registrar of IIAC, and Dr. Shishir Gupta, Registrar of RRU.

 Shared Vision for Rule-Based International Law

Vice-Chancellor’s Vision: Prof Bimal N Patel stresses the importance of promoting and protecting Rule-Based International Law. The focus is on preparing India, historically not a litigating nation, to take a leading role. The RRU Centre for International Law (RCIL) is poised to provide academic training and lead the way in meeting this challenge.

Regional Approaches: Prof Patel advocates for regional approaches to contribute to the universalism of international law. He highlights the reality of ‘lawfare’ as part of national security strategy, asserting the need for a pool of international investment arbitrators to ensure India’s economic security.

 A Comprehensive Framework for Arbitration Excellence

Justice Gupta’s Perspective: Former Supreme Court Justice Hemant Gupta, Chairperson of IIAC, emphasizes that the alliance aims to create a framework for nurturing talents, promoting academic excellence, and addressing evolving arbitration needs. RRU and IIAC aspire to shape the future of arbitration not only in India but globally.

Transformative Impact: Mr. Digvijay Rewatkar from RRU’s Centre for International Law sees this partnership as a commitment to promoting international arbitration. The goal is to create a transformative impact by fostering skilled professionals and thought leaders in India and beyond. Both institutions aim to contribute meaningfully to the global arbitration ecosystem.

Global Leadership:

By combining strengths and resources, RRU and IIAC envision being at the forefront of the arbitration future. This collaboration is poised to not only elevate the arbitration landscape in India but also make a global impact.


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