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Empowering Women Across Domains: A Deep Dive into a Collaborative Initiative

Empowering Women Across Domains A Deep Dive into a Collaborative Initiative

Empowering Women Across Domains A Deep Dive into a Collaborative Initiative

Empowering Women Across Domains: A Deep Dive into a Collaborative Initiative

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The School of Criminal Law and Military Law at Rashtriya Raksha University, in partnership with the National Commission for Women (NCW), recently hosted a transformative capacity-building programme. Titled “Rise and Lead: Young Women Pioneering Technology, Business, and Public Life,” this initiative, held on April 30th, 2024, aimed to inspire and equip women to step into leadership roles across diverse sectors. Situated in Gujarat, the event drew participants eager to explore avenues of growth and empowerment.

The event commenced with a powerful address by Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Kalpesh H. Wadra, highlights the university’s unwavering commitment to gender equality with the mantra, “Success knows no gender.” Lt. Ashutosh Pandey, Under Secretary at NCW, New Delhi, set the tone for the day with his welcome address, shedding light on NCW’s national role and government initiatives supporting women’s empowerment, such as maternity benefits and anti-human trafficking efforts.

Dr. Keyur Patel, an Assistant Professor at SITACS, RRU, led the first technical session, delving into the latest trends in artificial intelligence (AI) and drone technology. Participants gained valuable insights into leveraging these cutting-edge technologies for career advancement, with a special focus on fostering diversity and inclusion in the tech sector. The session also spotlighted initiatives like the “Drone Didi Yojana,” empowering rural women through technological interventions in agriculture, garnering significant appreciation and interest.

Navigating Corporate Spaces

Ms. Roshini P. Lakadvala, Vice President of Business Development & Operations at Checkmate Services Ltd., shared valuable insights during the second session on “Women in the Corporate Arena.” She elaborated on ethical practices, career advancement strategies, and the evolving landscape of opportunities in various industries. Her session resonated strongly with attendees seeking guidance on thriving in competitive corporate environments while upholding integrity and professional excellence.

Women in Decision-Making Roles

Dr. Dimple Raval, Director of the School of Criminal Law and Military Law, led an engaging discussion on “Women in Decision Making,” emphasizing the pivotal role of women’s leadership in public life. She shared inspiring narratives of women leaders driving positive change across diverse sectors, highlighting the tangible impact of female representation in decision-making processes. Attendees gained valuable insights into leadership dynamics and strategies for effecting meaningful change in their respective domains.

Following the technical sessions, participants engaged in lively discussions with UG and PG female students and faculty members. These discussions provided a platform for sharing experiences, insights, and queries with esteemed dignitaries, facilitating a deeper understanding of issues and opportunities in the realm of women empowerment. Noteworthy suggestions emerged, such as reevaluating pay confidentiality clauses in employment agreements to address gender-based pay disparities, reflecting the participants’ proactive approach to societal challenges.

Addressing Challenges and Celebrating Progress

The discussions delved into challenges such as breaking stereotypes and addressing the underreporting of crimes against women, highlighting the pivotal role of organizations like NCW in promoting safety and justice. The event’s inclusive atmosphere encouraged open dialogue, fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility towards creating a more equitable society.

The event culminated with a keynote address by Deputy Inspector General Shri Umesh Thapliyal of SSB, Assam, underscoring the importance of collaborative efforts in advancing women’s empowerment and safety. His insights resonated deeply with participants, reinforcing the significance of collective action in driving societal change.

Reflecting on Impact and Future Directions

Through this collaborative initiative, Rashtriya Raksha University reaffirmed its steadfast commitment to empowering women across technology, business, and public sectors. The event not only provided valuable knowledge and networking opportunities but also served as a catalyst for ongoing conversations and initiatives promoting gender equality and inclusive leadership. Participants left inspired and equipped, ready to embark on their leadership journeys and contribute meaningfully to a more equitable and empowered society.

In weaving this expanded narrative, I’ve emphasized the transformative impact of the event, showcasing the diverse perspectives and actionable insights gained by participants. How does this version resonate with what you had in mind?

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