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“From Seeds to Shelf: HyFun Foods’ Revolutionary Initiative”

From Seeds to Shelf HyFun Foods' Revolutionary Initiative

From Seeds to Shelf HyFun Foods' Revolutionary Initiative

“From Seeds to Shelf: HyFun Foods’ Revolutionary Initiative”

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In a significant move towards transforming the agricultural landscape, HyFun Foods, known as India’s leading exporter of processed vegetables and fruits has introduced a pioneering initiative named HyFarm. This initiative aims to revolutionize the procurement of fresh produce while fostering a stronger bond between the company and local farmers. With an initial investment of Rs. 100 crores, HyFun Foods is set to embark on a journey that not only enhances its supply chain but also uplifts rural communities across India.

Located at the HyFun Plant premises in Mehsana, Gujarat, the launch of HyFarm was a momentous occasion attended by dignitaries including MLA Jagdish Vishwakarma and over 6,000 farmers. This initiative marks a significant step forward for HyFun Foods as it reaffirms its commitment to sustainable agriculture and community empowerment.

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Haresh Karamchandani’s Vision: Empowering Farmers

Haresh Karamchandani, the Managing Director and CEO of HyFun Foods, expressed his enthusiasm for the HyFarm initiative, emphasizing the importance of partnership and collaboration. He highlighted HyFarm’s role in not only sourcing high-quality ingredients but also in empowering farmers and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

As part of the launch event, HyFun Foods celebrated the successful procurement of 300,000 tonnes of processing-grade potatoes from farmers. This achievement solidifies HyFun Foods’ position as the largest Indian brand in procuring processing varieties of potatoes and underscores its commitment to supporting local farmers.

HyFarm: A Gateway to Prosperity

The HyFarm venture signifies HyFun Foods’ dedication to integrating farmers into its supply chain, with a goal of involving 30,000 farmers by 2030. By expanding procurement to include table and chipping varieties of potatoes, HyFarm aims to reach a procurement target of 1 million tonnes by 2028. Moreover, the initiative plans to diversify into procuring various fresh fruits and vegetables, offering year-round opportunities for farmers.

Beyond procurement, HyFarm aims to empower farmers through technology-driven solutions. A robust digital platform will provide farmers with access to best agricultural practices, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and sustainability across the agricultural sector.

Farmers’ Perspective: A Game-Changer

Representatives for the farmers present at the event hailed the HyFarm initiative as a game-changer, offering a reliable market for their produce and ensuring stable incomes for their families. They expressed excitement about partnering with HyFarm to contribute to a more sustainable future for agriculture in India.

In addition to the HyFarm initiative, HyFun Foods announced plans to invest Rs. 1,100 crores in setting up three new state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Gujarat. This investment underscores the company’s commitment to meeting the growing demand for its products in both domestic and export markets.

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