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Insta Star Awards 2024: A Night to Remember

Insta Star Awards 2024 A Night to Remember

Insta Star Awards 2024 A Night to Remember

Insta Star Awards 2024: A Night to Remember

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On the 19th of May 2024, Rajkot, Gujarat, witnessed a spectacular event that celebrated talent from various artistic fields. The Insta Star Awards 2024, organized by Meenakshi Sagar of Lotus Events, took place at the grand MTV Resort. This event was a massive success, with over 200 awards presented to deserving artists in multiple categories. The night was filled with joy, appreciation, and unforgettable moments.

A Grand Venue

MTV Resort in Rajkot served as the perfect venue for this glamorous event. The resort was buzzing with excitement as awardees and audience members filled the space. The beautifully decorated venue added to the night’s allure, with elegant decorations and vibrant lights creating a festive atmosphere.

The Insta Star Awards 2024 aimed to honour artists from a wide range of fields. Awards were given in categories including acting, singing, dancing, modelling, and makeup artistry. This inclusive approach ensured that talents from all corners of the entertainment industry were recognized and celebrated.

Acting: A Celebration of Performance

In the acting category, numerous talented individuals were honoured for their exceptional performances. From established actors to rising stars, the awards recognized those who had made significant contributions to film, television, and theatre. The audience cheered as each actor took the stage to receive their memento and certificate of appreciation.

Singing: Voices that Captivate

The singing category showcased the incredible vocal talents of various artists. Singers from different genres were awarded for their captivating performances and contributions to the music industry. The winners included both seasoned performers and new talents who have been making waves in the industry.

Dancing: Celebrating Movement and Grace

Dancers were also celebrated for their artistic expression and dedication to their craft. Awards in the dancing category were given to those who had demonstrated exceptional skill and creativity. The audience was treated to stunning performances that highlighted the beauty and diversity of dance.

Models: Icons of Style and Elegance

The modelling category honoured individuals who have made a significant impact in the fashion world. Models who had graced runways, magazine covers, and ad campaigns were recognized for their contribution to the industry. Their elegance and style were celebrated as they accepted their awards.

Makeup Artists: The Unsung Heroes

Makeup artists, often the unsung heroes behind the scenes, were also given their moment in the spotlight. These artists were recognized for their creativity and skill in enhancing the beauty of performers. Their work, which plays a crucial role in the entertainment industry, was duly acknowledged and celebrated.

Meenakshi Sagar: The Visionary Behind Lotus Events

Meenakshi Sagar, the driving force behind Lotus Events, has a passion for recognizing and celebrating talent. Her dedication to organizing events like the Insta Star Awards is evident in the success of this grand evening. Meenakshi’s vision is to provide a platform where artists from various fields can be honoured and appreciated for their hard work and talent.

A Regular Celebration of Talent

Lotus Events, under the leadership of Meenakshi Sagar, regularly organizes such events to honour artists. These events serve as a testament to her commitment to the arts and her desire to give back to the community. By consistently recognizing talent, Meenakshi ensures that artists feel valued and encouraged to continue pursuing their passions.

Joy and Happiness All Around

The Insta Star Awards 2024 was more than just an award ceremony; it was a night filled with joy and happiness. The awardees and audience members shared a sense of camaraderie and celebration. The event provided an opportunity for artists to come together, network, and celebrate each other’s achievements.

A Night to Remember

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the awards. Each award winner received a beautifully crafted memento and a certificate of appreciation. These tokens of recognition were a testament to their hard work and dedication. The joy on the faces of the winners and the applause from the audience made it a truly memorable night.

The Future of Insta Star Awards

With the success of the 2024 event, the future of the Insta Star Awards looks bright. Meenakshi Sagar and Lotus Events plan to continue this tradition of celebrating talent and excellence. By providing a platform for artists to be recognized, the Insta Star Awards contribute to the growth and development of the entertainment industry.


The Insta Star Awards 2024 at MTV Resort in Rajkot, Gujarat, was a night to remember. Organized by the talented Meenakshi Sagar of Lotus Events, the ceremony celebrated over 200 artists from various fields. The event was a testament to the power of recognition and appreciation, bringing joy and happiness to all who attended. As the night concluded, the echoes of applause and cheers left a lasting impression, promising many more such celebrations in the future.


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