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Raado movie review

Last updated on August 20th, 2023 at 07:52 am

Movie Name: Raado (22 July 2022)

Language: Gujarati

Lead Star Cast: Yash Soni, Tarjanee Bhadla, Hitu Kanodia, Nikita Sharma, Devarshi Shah, Hiten Kumar 

Written & Director: Krishnadev Yagnik

Producers:  Munna Shukul, Jayesh Patel, Nilay Chotai, Mit Chotai, Mehul Panchal


Raado is an Action – Thriller movie. There are multiple storylines with different characters involved. How a Godman creates a violent situation in the city and spreads terror and how the hero takes revenge and teaches a lesson to the Godman. There is a tragedy, action, thriller and a bit of comedy including an aggressive love story. The climax of “Raado” is excellent.

Raado Movie Review
Raado Movie Review


 “Shukul Studios” a Creative Production House & Event Management Company from Gujarat presents the Gujarati Movie “Raado”.

The director of the movie is Krishnadev Yagnik. Krishnadev is a successful director and has directed box office successful movies such as Chhello Divas, Karsandas Pay & Use, and Shu Thayu?. 

“Raado” is an Action – Thriller movie.  There is also a buzz about the budget of “Raado”. It is a big-budget movie and the producers have invested a lot in making this movie.

The story has multiple different characters unrelated to each other but as the story moves on these characters connect each other indirectly to the main storyline, which makes the story awesome.

Initially, the story moves on slowly and gradually, but one mishap occurs in the hospital and suddenly the story takes a twist and everything starts moving fast and actions take place all around.

The mishap creates havoc and creates “RAADO” in the city.

The movie is an excellent combination, permutation and the mixture of Politics, College students, Godman, police and a common man and an aggressive love story.  It feels as if all these events do happen in our life.

Yash Soni is fantastic and looks awesome in the movie.  His dialogue delivery and body language give goosebumps. There are not much of dialogues but the expression of Yash Soni, Speaks them all. Hats off to his acting and expressions.

Nikita Sharma is excellent in her negative role as Madhvi. She has played her role in the movie very beautifully as she herself is. 

The role of Devarshi Shah is very critical and runs the story.  The story actually starts with his deeds. He looks handsome and promising young man.

 Hitu Kanodia, the actor has acting in his blood. No mention of his acting skills, he looks stunning in “Raado”; however, the tragedy follows him.  He is the climax of the movie as he says “Astu”

Tarjanee Bhadla’s short hair look in “Raado” suits her face. She plays a lead role with Yash Soni “Karan” 

The story and direction of “Raado”

The story will keep you connected and will not make you feel bored throughout. The script is contemporary and innovative and makes a mark on the common man’s mind and touches the heart.  The story has love with aggression and enforcement.

The directions and cinematography are awesome, few of the ariel shots are mesmerizing.  The bike ride of Devarshi Shah gives the feeling of watching a Bollywood movie. The direction gives you lots of the feeling of “Wow” movements.  Full Credit to the director Krishnadev Yagnik.


A big-budget movie deserves a good box office collection, so a good movie to watch with family and friends. These types of Gujarati movies will lead South artists to turn to Gujarati movies rather than Gujarati artists moving to the South.

Newzdaddy Ratings: 

4/5 (****)


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