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Navigating the Blue-Collar Boom: Partnering with Vahan Technologies

Navigating the Blue-Collar Boom Partnering with Vahan Technologies

Navigating the Blue-Collar Boom Partnering with Vahan Technologies

Navigating the Blue-Collar Boom: Partnering with Vahan Technologies

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Tech Innovations in Recruitment: The Vahan Advantage

 Vahan Technologies, a pioneer in blue-collar recruitment, held a seminar in Vadodara shedding light on the burgeoning opportunities in this sector. Led by Sidharth Chauhan, Head of Supply & Acquisition at Vahan Technologies, the seminar emphasized the growth potential within the blue-collar industry and how individuals can tap into this rapidly expanding market by partnering with Vahan Technologies.

Understanding the Blue-Collar Industry:

Chauhan delved into the dimensions and expansion of the recruitment industry, particularly focusing on the blue-collar sector. With the rise of platforms like Zomato, Swiggy, Blinkit, Zepto, Dominos, and Uber, the demand for blue-collar workers has soared, creating a ripe environment for recruitment partners.

Partnership Benefits with Vahan Technologies:

Vahan Technologies stands out for its comprehensive support to recruiting partners. Offering favorable commercial terms such as zero deposit or sign-up fees, regular payouts thrice a month on fixed dates, and assured demand month after month, Vahan ensures transparency and visibility in performance and earnings for its partners. Moreover, it provides training and skill-building opportunities to ensure partners can effectively operate and grow their businesses.

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Leveraging Advanced Technology:

In addition to building a vast network of recruiting partners, Vahan Technologies has harnessed cutting-edge technology tools powered by AI and Machine Learning. These tools streamline the calling and onboarding processes, enhancing partner profitability. By enabling rapid filtering of large databases and facilitating targeted connections through platforms like WhatsApp and voice calls, Vahan’s technology empowers recruiters to focus on quality interactions and placements rather than volume calling.

The Rise of Gig Workforce:

The blue-collar space and gig working segment are experiencing unprecedented growth, projected to become a significant portion of the workforce by 2030. NITI Aayog forecasts a staggering 200% growth in gig workers between 2002 and 2030, fueled by factors such as affordable internet data and the proliferation of smartphones. This trend isn’t limited to India; advanced economies worldwide are witnessing a surge in gig workers, underlining the universal appeal and utility of this workforce model.

International Perspective:

Gig working isn’t confined to domestic borders; it’s a global phenomenon. Advanced economies are witnessing similar trends, driven by the need for quick scalability and operational agility, particularly in sectors like e-commerce. This presents a golden opportunity for both established recruiting businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs seeking ventures in high-demand sectors.

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