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About Us

NewzDaddy is an MSME and MIB (applied) registered multilingual News Portal that covers all the latest and breaking news on Sports, Entertainment, Business, Fashion, Health and Lifestyle from India and across the globe. is a positive journalism pioneer, a one-of-a-kind media enterprise run by seasoned journalists with a self-imposed mandate to cover only good news and features. NewzDaddy’s worldwide vision is guided by universal principles and is based in the Western Indian city of Ahmedabad.

NewzDaddy is a registered news website with a soul, with no allegiances of any type or form but a heavy dose of intellectual depth and authenticity.

NewzDaddy, which believes in granting journalists and writers independence, publishes a wide range of viewpoints from the left to the right.

The ancient ethos for the new period is thus inscribed in our durable phrase, also our motto, ‘Fearless, Authentic and Truth’.

It has a deeper significance than the literal meaning. It represents a conviction in the value of integrity, fairness, and disciplined judgment in assessing the significance of events — attributes that have only gained relevance as the world of news will transform at a breakneck pace in years to come.

Programs of Positive Action

Apart from its journalistic mission, NewzDaddy intends to participate in a variety of humanitarian activities, including leadership and motivational programs for youngsters from low-income families, as well as environmental conservation and restoration efforts.  

Our efforts will be to provide vital information and knowledge to young and aspiring people about sports and entertainment as a major part of our journalistic practice. 


Editor in Chief

Chetan Chauhan (, PGDMJ)



Our Team

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