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Review of Gujarati Movie “Insurance Jimmy”

Review of Gujarati Movie Insurance Jimmy

Review of Gujarati Movie Insurance Jimmy

Review of Gujarati Movie “Insurance Jimmy”

Newz Daddy Gujarati Movie Review

Newzdaddy Ratings: 2.5*/5*

Genre: Drama, Crime 

Lead Star Cast:  Parth Shukla, Chetan Dhaiya, Brinda Trivedi, Sweety Mahavadiya

Written By: Pranav Modi, PArth Shukla and Parmesh Upadhyay

Directed By:  Parth Shukla

Produced By: Jimmy Asija and Satish Asija

“Insurance Jimmy” is a drama crime movie, which has a strong message for society to stay away from drugs. 

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The Plot and Story

The movie starts with the insurance agent Jimmy played by Parth Shukla, looking for the clients.  He has a girl assistant played by Sweety Mahavadiya who is desperately loving this insurance agent.  The agent also has a small brother staying with him. On his brother’s birthday, both went out for dinner and while coming back home in a car they met with an accident and unfortunately, the person died.  The police start investigating and the story of suspense crime starts from there on.  The climax of the story is good and at the end of the movie, there is a strong message for the society especially in Gujarat, to stop the menace of drugs.

About Acting

Parth Shukla has played the lead role of Jimmy, and he has also directed this movie.  He has also written the story of the movie “Insurance Jimmy”  However, I strongly feel that he could have done only one thing from this, he should have concentrated on either acting or direction.  

Chetan Dhaiya’s entry in the movie gives good vibes and spreads excitement in the sitting audience in the theatre.  He has done a great job in his negative role as coco bhai.  Whatever Chetan Dhaiya does, turns gold on the screen. 

Brinda Trivedi is there in the film but has done only acting, no voice.  She is silent throughout the film. I will not reveal her role in the film as it will be a spoiler.  

Ragi Jani is playing the role of an honest inspector in the movie and he looks good on the screen. 

About Direction

Parth Shukla has done the direction of the movie “Insurance Jimmy” which I think is so-so. There is a lot of scope for improvement in his direction.  He was not able to get the best out of Sweety.  He has directed a lot of short films but directing a film is a different ball game altogether. Things will definitely improve as he moves on.  He looked very optimistic when I met him.

Lets Talk About Screenplay

The screenplay of “Insurance Jimmy” is very good, which scene should be shown at what time is done very well.  The screenplay is impressive and has been able to create and maintain suspense throughout the movie. The timing of the songs are also perfect.  The climax of the story is also impressive.

Positive Points:

Negative Points


“Insurance Jimmy” has a very good storyline and a strong message for youngsters in particular to stay away from drugs. 

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