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Review of the Bollywood Movie “Maidaan” – Newzdaddy Ratings: 4*/ 5

Review of the Bollywood Movie Maidaan

Review of the Bollywood Movie Maidaan

Review of the Bollywood Movie “Maidaan” 

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Newzdaddy Ratings: 4*/ 5

Genre:  History, Biography, Drama

Lead Star Cast:  Ajay Devgn, Priyamani, Gajraj Rao 

Writers: Akash Chawla, Sidhant Mago, Siddharth Singh and Swaivyn Quadras

Director: Amit Ravindernath Sharma

Produced By: Boney Kapoor, Akash Chawla, Arunava Sengupta

Music & Background Score: A. R. Rahman

IMDb Digital Promoter:  Ashvin Borad (Crazy Studio)

Newz Daddy Point of View:

  1. The movie “Maidaan” is based on the true story of a footballer who only knew to coach the football team.
  2. It is a biography of Syed Abdul Rahim from Hyderabad.
  3. The movie shows the golden era of Indian Football from 1952 to 1962.
  4. The movie shows the passion, dedication, devotion, perseverance, and confidence of the man.
  5. The movie “Maidaan” also points out to the Indian sports authorities especially the Football Federation of India to look into the progress of Indian Football and see where it was then and where it is now.
  6. The music of the legend A.R. Rahman is mind-blowing.

“Maidaan” Movie Review by Newzdaddy

“The Beautiful Game” finds a canvas anew in Amit Ravindernath Sharma’s “Maidaan,” a film that revolves around the legacy of Syed Abdul Rahim, the revered coach and architect of Indian football. Led by Ajay Devgn, Priyamani, and Gajraj Rao, the film promises a journey into the heart of passion and perseverance.

The Plot:

“Maidaan” follows the remarkable journey of Syed Abdul Rahim (played by Ajay Devgn), whose relentless spirit and strategic genius transformed the Indian national football team against all odds. The Indian team used to play the football game barefooted even at the international level.  The coach Rahim, was the man who demanded the facilities and necessities for the players at that time from the Football Federation of India, FFI. 

Few of the footballers are still alive which was shown at the end of the movie that was heart-touching.

The director is successful in creating the era of the 1950s and early 1960s.  The look and feel of the movie’s cinematic scenes and props are impressive.

The Storyline

The storyline of “Maidaan” is rooted in the rich history of Indian football and the untold narrative of Rahim’s contributions, making it a compelling tale of resilience, teamwork, and triumph against adversity. The story revolves around Syed Abdul Rahim (Played by Ajay Devgn) only.  The movie starts the story without wasting any time in developing the story.  You will see the dirty politics of authorities.  The movie shows the big ups and downs of the lead character Syed Abdul Rahim, due to a famous sports journalist (played by Gajraj Rao).  The hidden conflict starts between Coach Rahim and the Journalist (Gajraj Rao) due to one sentence spoken by Coach Rahim to that journalist and that hurts the ego of the famous journalist.  The journalist plays internal politics and games against the national football team coach Rahim. The family of the coach Rahim is very supportive, especially his wife who is played by Priyamani.

The movie has a sad end, every movie does not have a happy end.  

The Acting

Ajay Devgn shines in his portrayal of Syed Abdul Rahim, capturing both his fiery determination and compassionate leadership. This is the second movie of Ajay Devgn this year, recently he was seen in “Shaitaan“. The dialogue delivery of Ajay Devgn is exceptional especially when he is ill, he has worked on his voice for this movie is apparent.  Priyamani delivers a commendable performance as Rahim’s supportive wife. Though her role was not big whatever she has received she has given it back with double return.  The role of a journalist is played by one of the finest actors Gajraj Rao, he adds depth to the narrative with his role. His appearance and slow dialogue delivery add more intensity and anxiety to the story, making the audience anxious.  

The Direction

Amit Ravindernath Sharma’s direction brings alive the era and ethos of Indian football, blending historical accuracy with cinematic flair. His attention to detail in capturing the essence of the game and its impact on society is noteworthy. He is able to create the cinematic scene of that era of 1950s in the movie.  To capture the shots of any game is not easy but he as done that wonderfully and that shows the skill of a director, awesome.


The music of the movie “Maidaan” is composed by A.R. Rahman, and it is as great as it has been for decades.  The music adds more joy, fear, anxiousness and anger as and when needed during the entire movie.

The Cinematography

The cinematography of “Maidaan” captures the thrill of football matches and the emotional depth of Rahim’s journey, immersing the audience in every pivotal moment on and off the field.

The Screenplay

The screenplay by Akash Chawla, Sidhant Mago, and Saiwyn Quadras strikes a balance between showcasing Rahim’s personal struggles and the evolution of Indian football, keeping the narrative engaging throughout.  The audience was hooked on their seats including myself during the entire movie.  

The last few minutes of the movie were just awesome, especially showing the living football legends of that time on the screen.

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Positive Points:

  1. Strong performances by the lead cast, especially Ajay Devgn’s portrayal of Syed Abdul Rahim.
  2. Authentic depiction of historical events and the footballing culture of the time.
  3. Inspirational storyline that celebrates the human spirit and sportsmanship.
  4. Well-crafted cinematography and direction enhance the viewing experience.
  5. I and my wife enjoyed the movie, just because of the storytelling and the screenplay, the movie was able to hook the entire audience sitting in the theatre.
  6. The VFX was also excellent, especially in one of the scenes where the train is passing behind is shown that was excellent.
  7. The music is composed by A.R. Rahman which is awesome as usual.

Negative Points:

  1. Certain parts of the plot may feel predictable for avid sports movie enthusiasts.
  2. Limited exploration of supporting characters’ backgrounds and motivations.
  3. “Indian wins” shown on the digital board in 1962 ???
  4. The length of the movie is a bit long, it’s a 3-hour movie.


“Maidaan” scores a winning goal with its heartfelt tribute to Syed Abdul Rahim and the golden era of Indian football. It’s a must-watch for sports lovers and anyone who appreciates a compelling tale of perseverance and passion on the big screen. The film’s stellar performances, coupled with solid direction and cinematography, make it a memorable cinematic experience. “Maidaan” is an award-winning movie in my personal opinion.

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