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SC/ST Mahamandaleshwars Shine in New Roles

Empowering SC-ST Communities in Sacred Traditions

Empowering SC-ST Communities in Sacred Traditions

Historic Transformation Towards Equality in Indian Society – “Pattabhishekam”

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In a landmark event aimed at fostering equality in Indian society, Rajesh Shukla, Chief Strategist of National Intellectual Advisory and Main Trustee of One More Chance (NGO), joined forces with Swami Purshottam Shastri Ji Maharaj, Head of the Swami Narayan Trust, to lead a transformative initiative. This initiative marks a significant step towards dismantling age-old barriers and promoting inclusivity within Sanatan Dharma, aligning with constitutional ideals of dignity and equality for all individuals.

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Key Figures and Dignitaries

The initiative garnered support and participation from notable dignitaries such as Smt. Sonal Shah, wife of the Home Minister of India; Shri Kamal Kumar Ojha, former Director General of Police, Gujarat; Shri Amar Sable Ji, former Member of Parliament and BJP Vice President; Shri Himanshu Chaturvedi, Chairman of the Sports Association; Shri A.K. Mishra Ji, Chairman of Chanakya IAS Academy, and many others. Their presence underscored the importance of this historic moment and its potential impact on Indian society.

On April 30th, 2024, at the prestigious Science City in Sola, Ahmedabad, a historic event unfolded as SC and ST Sant/Mahatmas were appointed as Mahamandaleshwars through a traditional Pattabhishek ceremony. This ceremony, presided over by revered spiritual leaders Mahant Ravindrapuri Ji Maharaj and Mahant Harigiri Ji Maharaj, witnessed the convergence of over 8000 supporters and progressive individuals from across India.

The initiative aims to reform a 1300-year-old tradition under the guidance of Shri. Ravindrapuri Maharaj, Chairman of the Akhada Parishad, and Shri. Harigiri Maharaj, Secretary of All India Akhada Parishad. By appointing SC and ST individuals to influential spiritual positions, the program symbolizes a paradigm shift towards inclusivity and equal representation within the religious and social fabric of India.

Visionary Leaders and Collaborative Efforts

Shri Rajesh Shukla emphasized the transformative nature of the Samta Moolak Samaj project, highlighting its dedication to fostering social justice and equality. Collaborating with visionary leaders and spiritual figures, including Shri Amar Sable Ji, the initiative seeks to break caste-based barriers and promote a more inclusive society within the framework of Sanatan Dharma. This endeavour aligns with India’s aspiration to be a Vishwa Guru—a global leader in promoting harmony and equality.

Looking ahead, Swami Purshotam Shastri and Shri Rajesh Shukla outlined plans for launching the LBS Academy in collaboration with the Chanakya IAS Academy and Narayan Shastri Institute. These educational institutions aim to provide training to aspiring candidates from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, fostering a new generation of civil servants committed to societal upliftment and progress.

Empowering Through Skill Development

Additionally, One More Chance, an associated organization, focuses on providing skill training to individuals who have faced setbacks due to unforeseen circumstances. By retraining and motivating these individuals, the organization aims to facilitate their reintegration into productive roles within society.

Diverse voices from the community and leadership circles expressed optimism and support for the initiative. Shri Kamal Ojha highlighted the urgency for societal transformation, emphasizing the need for collective action and unity of purpose. Shri A.K. Mishra applauded the groundbreaking nature of the initiative, acknowledging the collaborative efforts that made it possible.

Towards a More Inclusive Future

Leaders such as Shri Prince Tyagi, Shri Himanshu Chaturvedi, CA Shri Sameer Malshe, Dr. J M Vyas, Shri Kishorebhai Makwana, Shri Jatinbhai Patel, and Shri Devangbhai Dani emphasized the importance of diversity, education, and equal opportunities in building a more inclusive and prosperous society. Their perspectives underscored the multifaceted impact of initiatives aimed at bridging social and economic disparities.

The program concluded with gratitude towards the esteemed leaders and dignitaries whose collective efforts made this historic event possible. Shri Rajesh Shukla extended thanks to all attendees and reiterated the commitment to continue initiatives that promote equality, empowerment, and social progress across India.

In conclusion, the Pattabhishek ceremony and the associated initiatives represent a significant stride towards a more equitable and inclusive Indian society. By leveraging collaborative efforts, visionary leadership, and community engagement, these initiatives pave the way for a brighter and more united future for all individuals, regardless of background or social status.

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