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Shaping Futures: Premier School Exhibition’s Two-Day Spectacle in Ahmedabad”

Premier School Exhibition

Premier School Exhibition

Two Days Premier School Exhibition in Ahmedabad

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Parents wear many hats in today’s fast-paced world – career warriors, family jugglers, and decision-makers for their children’s education. One of the biggest decisions they face is picking the right school for their little ones. Feeling short on time and overwhelmed by the choices, they often struggle to find the best fit.

An Opportunity for Parents

Enter the Premier School Exhibition, a two-day event set to unfold on the 2nd and 3rd of December at Hotel Pride Plaza, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad. It’s like a one-stop shop where parents can meet the big shots from various schools, both near and far.

Direct Interaction with Schools

At this exhibition, parents get a unique chance to talk directly with the bigwigs – the heads of schools and their representatives. No middlemen or confusing websites, just a transparent conversation. They can clear up any doubts, get the most recent info, and even have a shot at ‘spot counselling’ and ‘spot admission’ – decisions made right there on the spot.

Diverse School Lineup

More than 30 schools are setting up shop at this event, not just from Ahmedabad but from places like Dehradun, Bangalore, Mussoorie, Delhi, Kishangarh, Rajkot, Gandhinagar, Vadodara, and other big spots in India. These schools aren’t just local heroes; they’re bringing international curricula and boarding facilities to the table.

Options Across Education Boards

It’s not just about picking any school; parents can choose from schools following different education boards like IB, Cambridge, CBSE, ICSE, and even the Gujarat Board. It’s like a buffet of educational options.

Benefits of Boarding Schools

Boarding schools, in particular, have their own charm. Beyond academics, they teach kids to be independent, responsible, and confident. Having students from all walks of life helps build a broader perspective. The Premier School Exhibition is not just about academics; it’s about shaping a well-rounded future.

In-person Connection in a Digital Age

In an age where everything is a click away, finding reliable information can be tough. The exhibition goes beyond websites and search engines. It’s a chance for parents to not only get information but to meet real people from schools. It’s like a parent-school speed dating event, but with a more important end goal – finding the right fit for their child.

A Glimpse of Renowned Schools

Shrewsbury International School India, Unison World School – Dehradun, Woodstock School – Mussoorie, Aga Khan Academy – Hyderabad, Manchester Global School – Hyderabad, Modi School – Sikar, Rajasthan, Sagar School – Alwar, Rajasthan, Udgam School-Ahmedabad, Shanti Asiatic School-Ahmedabad, and Asia English School-Ahmedabad – these are not just names; they are the stars of the education world.

Guidance through Informative Seminars

For parents who need a bit of guidance, there are seminars. These sessions cover everything – how to choose the right school, what each education board offers (IB, Cambridge, ICSE, and CBSE), and most importantly, how the choices made now can impact a child’s entire life. It’s like a crash course in school decision-making.

The Heart Behind the Exhibition

The Premier School Exhibition didn’t just pop up overnight. It was born 20 years ago, an idea to make life a bit easier for parents. Sanjeev Bolia, the brain behind it, understands the emotional rollercoaster of sending a child to school, especially a boarding school. The exhibition isn’t just a gathering; it’s a solution to a problem – providing information about the best Indian day, residential, and international schools, all under one roof.

Beyond Ahmedabad: An Expanding Reach

This isn’t a one-city wonder. The Premier School Exhibition isn’t confined to Ahmedabad; it’s a traveler. It goes to 13 cities, not just in India but also to Thailand, UAE, Qatar, Oman, West Africa, South Africa, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Organized by Afairs Exhibition & Media Pvt. Ltd., it proudly stands as Asia’s leading education fair organizer.

In Conclusion: More Than an Event

The Premier School Exhibition in Ahmedabad is more than just an event; it’s an opportunity for parents to embark on an educational journey for their children. It’s a chance to step out of the digital maze and meet the people who shape their child’s future. Choosing the right school is not just a decision; it’s an investment in a brighter tomorrow.

In essence, the Premier School Exhibition is a bridge between parents seeking the best for their children and schools ready to offer exceptional educational experiences.

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