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Stardom Fashion Academy Hosts Exciting Modelling Workshop in Ahmedabad

Stardom Fashion Academy Hosts Exciting Modelling Workshop in Ahmedabad

Stardom Fashion Academy Hosts Exciting Modelling Workshop in Ahmedabad

Stardom Fashion Academy Hosts Exciting Modelling Workshop in Ahmedabad

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The vibrant city of Ahmedabad played host to a remarkable event on June 8th and 9th, as Stardom Fashion Academy, Stardom Salons, and Alchemist Jewels came together to organize an unforgettable modelling workshop. This two-day event was graced by the presence of UAE’s renowned choreographer, Atul Suresh, who made a special appearance to share his expertise. With participation from numerous models and social influencers, including the illustrious Mr. India and Mrs. India, the workshop promised to be a significant milestone in the fashion industry.

A Star-Studded Event

The modelling workshop in Ahmedabad was nothing short of a star-studded affair. Atul Suresh, a celebrated choreographer from the UAE, was invited specially to impart his knowledge and skills to the attendees. Known for his innovative choreography and keen sense of style, Atul brought a wealth of experience to the workshop. His presence added a layer of excitement and prestige, attracting a host of budding models and established social influencers eager to learn from the best.

The Power Trio Behind the Event

Dr. Anjali Shah, CEO and Director of Stardom Fashion Academy, Shri Devendra Shah, Director of Alchemist Jewels, and Dr. Jeet Dolakia played pivotal roles in organizing and managing this grand event. Their combined efforts ensured that the workshop ran smoothly and offered valuable insights to all participants. Dr. Anjali Shah, with her vast experience in the fashion industry, was instrumental in curating the content and structure of the workshop. Shri Devendra Shah brought his expertise in luxury jewellery, adding a touch of glamour to the event. Dr. Jeet Dolakia’s organizational skills ensured that every detail was meticulously planned and executed.

Media and Social Media Contributions

The success of any event often hinges on effective media coverage, and this workshop was no exception. Mr. Mayur Thakkar, CEO of “Gujarat No Beli” daily newspaper, played a crucial role in spreading the word and ensuring extensive coverage. His efforts ensured that the workshop reached a wider audience, creating a buzz in the fashion community. Social media was handled adeptly by Jaya Kubani, who kept followers engaged with real-time updates, photos, and videos. This comprehensive media strategy ensured that the event was not just a local success but also gained attention from fashion enthusiasts across the globe.

The modelling workshop offered participants an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest developments and techniques in the modelling industry. The curriculum was designed to cover a broad range of topics, including runway walking, posing for photoshoots, personal grooming, and building a personal brand. The presence of industry veterans like Atul Suresh meant that attendees could gain first-hand knowledge of what it takes to succeed in the competitive world of modelling.

Day One: Introduction and Basics

The first day of the workshop began with an introductory session where participants were welcomed and briefed about the schedule. Dr. Anjali Shah addressed the attendees, sharing her vision for the workshop and emphasizing the importance of continuous learning in the fashion industry. This was followed by a session with Atul Suresh, who introduced the basics of modelling. He shared his journey in the industry, inspiring the participants with anecdotes and practical advice.

Techniques and Skills

Throughout the day, various sessions focused on different aspects of modelling. Participants learned about the importance of posture and body language from Atul, who demonstrated techniques to enhance their runway walk. A session on posing for photoshoots was particularly popular, with models practising under the guidance of professional photographers. The day concluded with a personal grooming workshop, where experts from Stardom Salons shared tips on skincare, haircare, and makeup.

Day Two: Advanced Techniques and Practical Application

The second day of the workshop delved deeper into advanced modelling techniques. Atul Suresh conducted a masterclass on choreography, teaching participants how to create captivating runway shows. This session was interactive, with attendees practising their newly acquired skills and receiving personalized feedback from Atul.

Building a Personal Brand

One of the highlights of the workshop was a session on building a personal brand. In today’s digital age, a social media presence is crucial for a successful modelling career. Experts shared strategies for creating a compelling online persona, including tips on content creation, audience engagement, and collaborating with brands. This session was invaluable for models and influencers looking to enhance their online presence and attract more opportunities.

The workshop also featured a panel discussion with industry experts, including successful models, fashion photographers, and casting directors. This interactive session provided participants with insights into the industry’s workings, the qualities agencies look for in models, and how to navigate the challenges of a modelling career. The experts answered questions from the audience, offering practical advice and encouragement.

Networking and Collaboration

A key benefit of the workshop was the opportunity for participants to network with industry professionals and peers. The event facilitated meaningful connections, with many models finding potential collaborators for future projects. The presence of influential social media personalities also provided an excellent platform for networking and gaining exposure.

Celebrating Diversity and Inclusivity

One of the core values emphasized throughout the workshop was the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry. Dr. Anjali Shah spoke passionately about the need for representation of all body types, ethnicities, and backgrounds in modelling. This message resonated with the participants, many of whom shared their own experiences and aspirations for a more inclusive industry.

The Role of Alchemist Jewels

Alchemist Jewels, under the leadership of Shri Devendra Shah, played a significant role in adding a touch of luxury to the workshop. The jewellery brand showcased some of its exquisite pieces, allowing models to experience wearing high-end accessories during their practice sessions. This collaboration not only enhanced the workshop’s glamour quotient but also provided participants with a glimpse into the world of luxury fashion.

Feedback and Reflections

As the workshop concluded, participants were invited to share their feedback and reflections. Many expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and improve their skills. The hands-on experience, combined with theoretical knowledge, left a lasting impression on the attendees. The organizers received praise for their meticulous planning and execution, with many participants looking forward to future events.

Looking Ahead

The modelling workshop in Ahmedabad marked a significant step forward for Stardom Fashion Academy, Stardom Salons, and Alchemist Jewels. The success of the event has set the stage for more such workshops in the future, aimed at nurturing and empowering aspiring models. Dr. Anjali Shah expressed her commitment to continuing this initiative, with plans to introduce more advanced courses and expand the academy’s reach.


The modelling workshop organized by Stardom Fashion Academy, Stardom Salons, and Alchemist Jewels in Ahmedabad was a resounding success. With the expertise of Atul Suresh and the support of a dedicated team, the event provided invaluable learning experiences for aspiring models and influencers. The emphasis on diversity, inclusivity, and personal branding made this workshop stand out, offering participants a comprehensive understanding of the modern fashion industry. As the participants left with new skills and a renewed sense of confidence, the workshop’s impact was evident, promising a brighter future for the next generation of models.

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