The blockbuster Vikram, in honour of Kamal Haasan’s 68th birthday. – Newzdaddy

Here’s a look at the most successful return in Tamil film history, the blockbuster Vikram, in honour of Kamal Haasan’s 68th birthday.
In 2018, people would have laughed if someone had predicted that Kamal Haasan would deliver a blockbuster that would shatter every box office record held by actors like Vijay and Ajith. because it was the year that Makkal Needhi Maiam, the actor with many talents, declared his entry into politics. Many believed that it was the beginning of the end of an illustrious and unrivaled career. It seemed to be a loss. Looking back, everything is humorous. Here is Kamal Haasan in the year 2022, celebrating his 68th birthday with Vikram, one of India’s all-time biggest hits.

Many criticised Kamal for entering politics because he had little luck in the film industry, which was supported by his repeated box office flops. After 2013’s Vishwaroopam, the actor-director was unsuccessful. After the contentious box office success, Kamal decided not to release anything in 2014. With three releases in 2015—Uttama Villain, Paapanasam, and Thoongavanam—he made up for the dry year and the start of his difficult period.

Uttama Villain is one of Kamal’s movies that would continue to be popular years after it was first released, joining titles like Hey Ram, Guna, Kuruthi Punal, and Anbe Sivam. Anbe Sivam recently had a special showing in Chennai, which attracted a large audience compared to the film’s initial 2003 release. The movie had been seen 13 times by the fan, who said, “This phenomenon is not new to us. When the movie first came out, critics branded it a snoozefest. Did you notice that no one used a phone during the screening? He continues to experience this (Kamal). Hey, Ram experienced it, and now Anbe Sivam.

However, it may be said that Papanasam was a success. Kamal Haasan starred in the financially successful Tamil remake of Drishayam, which was directed by Jeethu Joseph. Even Nevertheless, Papanasam’s (2015)’s the commercial success was unimportant. First of all, it was a remake, and secondly, it was viewed more as a survival strategy than a star’s comeback. In the end, Thoongavanam, which was released for Diwali in 2015 and had a disastrous box office, revealed that there was a problem with Kamal’s performance graph. The bargain was completed in 2018 with the release of Vishwaroopam 2, a movie that resembled the wreckage of an abandoned structure. Naturally, the charge that Kamal was jumping ship was valid when he announced his political entry the following year.

The transition to the tiny screen by Kamal Haasan for Bigg Boss Tamil was seen as a step down for the actor (but the move turned out to be a vital factor in the success of Vikram as he stayed relevant despite not having a release for four years). Then Vikram arrived.

Though the news that Lokesh Kanagaraj and Kamal Haasan would be working together on a movie aroused enthusiasm, there was also skepticism about whether the filmmaker would have complete creative control or if it would end up being one of those movies that the actor ghost-directed. But after the movie was released, all of these arguments were settled.
Vikram is not one of those movies that were hailed as a smash on its opening day, it should be noted. It took some time to realize what a sensation it was becoming. Even after its OTT debut, which was unique in Tamil cinema, the movie maintained its dream run. The movie is presently among Tamil cinema’s top five all-time box office hits and has made more than Rs 420 crore. Kamal Haasan made a comeback. Kamal’s line from Vettaiyaadu Villaiyaadu, “Little kiddies, who do you think you are playing with?” was similar to that of Kamal in this scene.