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The Gujarati movies are now getting more traction and audience especially the “Vicida no Varghodo” movie. The movie Vickida no Varghodo is simple and family oriented.

The Music and Songs

The most diverse Gujarati film music album of #VickidaNoVarghodo is proudly presented by SP Cinecorp Music. A piece of music to fit every mood. The songs sung by the Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam, Kairavi Buch, Arvind Vegda, Altaf Raja, and Aishwarya Majumdar are just a few of the incredible, powerful singers.

The Comedy

The dialogues and comedy scenes will tickle you and bring smiles on your face.  The comedy moments are simple but fits with the situation and hence make more sense. The comedy dialogues could have been funnier however, they are good.

The Tragedy

The hero, Malhar Thakkar (Vickido) is very unlucky in terms of his love life. There are tragic moments in his life and we feel sad for him however, there is comedy in these moments that will bring a smile back to your face that’s why we go to see in movies, right!!! We need some lighter moments to feel relaxed at the weekend after a long working week.

The Climax

There are no moments where you feel boring.  The sequence of the movie keeps you thinking and guessing what will happen next. This is the most critical part of the movie as Vicki is having three options to choose with whom he wants to marry in the end.

Box office collection

vickida no Varghodo box office collection

The movie has crossed over 1.5 crores in just 5 days.  It will go beyond and with the coming weekend, it is going to increase.  The review of people is great and it is every green movie at least one-time watch for everyone in the cinema. You will have your money’s worth.

Ratings of the Movie

Vickida no varghodo


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