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When God Says Your God Is Not God

When God Says Your God Is Not God

When God Says Your God Is Not God

When God Says Your God Is Not God

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On May 22, 2024, a significant event took place at the Shah Auditorium in the Shree Gujarati Samaj compound, located in the Civil Lines area of the national capital. Shri Pradip Mukherji unveiled his new book, “પરમાત્માનો સંદેશ” (Message From God). The book, originally delivered through three-day workshops over seven years, has been translated by Srimati Falguni Pathak. This Gujarati edition aims to offer insights into alleviating human suffering and pain.

Special Guests at the Event

The book launch was graced by the presence of Dr. Sonal Mansingh, a Padma Vibhushan awardee and Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha. As the Chief Guest, Dr Mansingh added a touch of prestige to the occasion, highlighting the importance and impact of Mukherji’s work. Her presence underscored the significance of the book’s message and its potential to transform lives.

The Core Message: Challenging Conventional Beliefs

In his speech, Shri Pradip Mukherji presented a thought-provoking idea: the god that most people worship is not the True God, or Parmatma. He suggested that the conventional gods worshipped across various religions are responsible for human suffering. “All our suffering and pain, all our miseries and anguish, is caused by the very god whom we worship. They demand our prayers, offering false assurances in return, while concealing the existence of the True God,” he asserted. This radical notion challenges traditional beliefs and encourages individuals to seek a deeper, more genuine connection with Parmatma.

The Purpose of the Book

“Message From God” is not about promoting any religion or spirituality. Shri Mukherji emphasized that he has no interest in these areas. Instead, his focus is on healing—both physiological and mental. “Healing is what interests me and what I could do to heal my pain,” he stated. The book aims to spread Parmatma’s message, which Mukherji believes can bring ease and peace to daily living.

A Unique Approach: Using the Book Without Reading It

One of the most intriguing aspects of Mukherji’s message is his unconventional approach to using the book. He claims, “I will be the first Author in the world who will tell you not to read my Book and to use the Book without even reading it. Just by talking to the Book will bring healing in your life.” This idea challenges the traditional use of books and suggests a more interactive, personal engagement with the text.

The Workshop Experience

Before the book’s publication, Shri Mukherji shared his insights through three-day workshops over seven years, concluding in August 2023. These workshops allowed participants to experience the message of Parmatma firsthand and see its effects on their lives. The teachings from these workshops have been encapsulated in the book, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Multilingual Availability

To reach a broader audience, “Message From God” is available in four languages: English, Hindi, Telugu, and now Gujarati. This multilingual approach ensures that Mukherji’s message can resonate with diverse linguistic communities, breaking down barriers and fostering a more inclusive approach to healing.

Experimenting with God’s Healing Cards

At the launch event, attendees were given God’s Healing Cards to experiment with for 30 days. These cards are designed to help individuals test the principles outlined in the book and observe changes in their lives. By encouraging practical experimentation, Mukherji aims to provide tangible proof of Parmatma’s healing power.

Endorsement from Nitin Acharya

Nitin Acharya, Chairman of SSLT Gujarat School and ex-President of Shree Delhi Gujarati Samaj, expressed his gratitude to Pradip Mukherji for sharing his insights. “I am deeply touched by Pradip Sir’s message of easing pain and suffering for all of humanity and the clarity that he delivered about gods. He showed us the direction towards True God, and I am personally looking forward to trying it for 30 days,” Acharya said. His endorsement highlights the impact of Mukherji’s teachings on individuals in influential positions.

How to Access the Book

“Message From God” is available for purchase on the website By making the book accessible online, Mukherji ensures that it can reach a global audience, allowing people from different parts of the world to benefit from its teachings.

Conclusion: A New Era of Healing

The launch of “Message From God” marks the beginning of a new era in the pursuit of healing and peace. Shri Pradip Mukherji’s radical ideas challenge conventional beliefs and offer a fresh perspective on spirituality and divinity. By emphasizing the importance of connecting with the True God, Parmatma, Mukherji provides a path to alleviating human suffering and achieving a more peaceful existence. Through his book and workshops, he has created a movement that encourages individuals to seek genuine healing and transformation in their lives.

In a world where pain and suffering are common, “Message From God” offers hope and a new direction. It encourages readers to look beyond traditional religious practices and find true solace in the message of Parmatma. With its multilingual availability and innovative approach, the book has the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of many, fostering a deeper understanding of true divinity and the power of healing.


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