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Will Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha Tie the Knot in Rajasthan This November? – Newzdaddy

Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha have gotten engaged and are having a lovely celebration in Delhi. The pair is actively searching for a wedding site as preparations for the big day begin. Parineeti Chopra, like her sister Priyanka, reportedly has her sights set on a wedding in the Indian state of Rajasthan. On Sunday, May 28th, the couple was photographed entering Rajasthan, and their arrival photos quickly went viral online. Wearing a white kurta and wide-legged trousers and keeping her hair pulled back, Parineeti exuded sophistication. Raghav looked good with her, dressed in a white kurta and trousers. Apparently, they were in Udaipur to finalise their wedding plans.

To learn more about Udaipur, Parineeti sat down with Shikha Saxena, the city’s deputy tourism director. Shikha claimed that she had a 20-minute talk with Parineeti at the airport. After that, they had a full day of sightseeing planned. After a pleasant 20-minute chat at the airport, I spent the day seeing the places with Parineeti. She avoided discussing marriage outright, although hints of it could be found throughout the chat.

The couple is thinking of having their wedding in November. Shikha, who suggested the suggestion, said that the couple’s assistant was initially worried about the cold, but that the bride was enthusiastic about it. Her support staff meticulously recorded every nuance of her journey. Saxena asked her flat-out whether she had any wedding plans, and she said that while she didn’t have any at the moment, she was working on making some.

The approaching nuptials will be celebrated with the usual pomp and circumstance at a traditional Punjabi wedding. She was curious about the sights and sounds that visitors might enjoy there, particularly those that relate to the area’s rich history. According to an informant, “she was connecting with Udaipur” since she “mentioned that she will dig into it deeper” and because she “took a boat ride to see the evening vibe.”

Shikha said that Parineeti had enjoyed the rose petals and music that had been part of the customary greeting she had received at the heritage properties. The hotel also showed her how the wedding guests would be welcomed, and Parineeti thought it was a fantastic idea. She was enamoured with the concept altogether. She was moved to tears by the customary greeting. The topic of eating was also discussed during the visit.
The happy couple should have a wedding fit for a king and queen.


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